The Number One Commercial Kitchen in Texas

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Our commercial kitchen in Cedar Park has become a close knit community of chefs and artisans all working independently on various creations and collectively for increased purchasing power of raw materials.  This is why we are the number one commercial kitchen in Texas.

Consider working in a fun clean environment without all of the drama and headaches you find elsewhere.  Here at the Food for Life / Keres Kitchen, we have a wonderful diverse culture with some of the most talented and gifted foodies in Austin.  Here we all promote each other and share resources so that everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

If you are in need of commercial kitchen space, come by and take a look.   Here are some photos to get you thinking: Kitchen photos

Our kitchen is clean, equipped, and available 24/7.  We have designated spaces for chocolatiers (climate controlled) and gluten-free chefs (sealed prep room).

For more information, please contact Brian Dorman at 512.331.0096.


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