Rotisserie Chicken Seasoning, Organic


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Organic Rotisserie Chicken Seasoning

Organic rotisserie chicken seasoning is a spice blend used to flavor a chicken dish that is cooked on a rotisserie, using indirect heat in which the chicken is placed next to the heat source.  Electric or gas powered heating elements may be used, which use adjustable infrared heat.  These types of rotisseries have proven quite functional for cooking rotisserie-style chicken.  Leftover rotisserie chicken may be used in a variety of dishes, such as soup, chicken salad and sandwiches.

United States

In the United States, ready-to-eat rotisserie chickens were available in super markets and some butcher shops as far back as the 1930’s, and were always a popular item with shoppers. Although they may have gained some added popularity in the 1990’s with Boston Market, this quick meal option had been a well-established staple for decades. After World War II, and with the rise in popularity of fast foods, there was an increase in dinners eaten out, so consequently there were fewer trips to the grocery store. So many grocery stores used rotisserie chickens as loss leaders to bring shoppers into the store.

In 2010, 600-million rotisserie-cooked chickens were purchased by consumers “in U.S. supermarkets, club stores and similar retail outlets”. In the U.S., chickens used for rotisserie cooking may be injected with brine to retain moisture. Additional ingredients may be used to add flavor and to brown the chicken, such as oleoresin, yeast extract, sodium tripolyphosphate and natural flavorings.

In popular culture

Swiss Chalet, a Canadian chain of casual dining restaurants, owns a cable channel that exclusively airs content related to rotisserie chicken, “twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week”.  It typically airs chickens rotating on a rotisserie.  Occasionally, a dancing man appears wearing a costume that “look like a container of Swiss Chalet’s dipping sauce”.


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